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Single Mast Aluminum Alloy Aerial Work Platform
Max platform height : 4-9m
Max operating height : 5.7-10.7m
Platform working load : 125kg
Weight : 185-280kg

1. Suitable for 1 person to work upraised
2. Improving the security and efficiency
3. Compact design makes the platform can be through narrow channels or low doorway
4. Adopting international advanced complete sets of hydraulic pump station
5. Redundancy technology makes the product failure rate was reduced to a minimum
6. Patent roller device, the multidirectional no clearance mast and roller use cooperatively
the platform freely, and to ensure more complete synchronization of mast lifting.
7. Lifting system and hydraulic system optimized, achieving the platform lift stability best;
8. Adopting the stabilized platform; its mask uses double protection, indexable stabilizer to make the operation blind area to minimum
9. Active guardrail assembly, a lifting action through the platform, uses the patent support compression device locking
10. The lifting mast all adopts high strength aluminum alloy, light weight, moving light;
11. Precise level display device ensures the accurate and reliable leveling operation
12.Standard Configuration: imported electric control system is quick, easily manipulated, improving the security and efficiency.
Curved railing Model JK8810 JK8811 JK8812 JK8813
Straight railing JK8814 JK8815 JK08816 JK8817
Max Platform Height mm 4000 6000 8000 9000
Max Working Height mm 5700 7700 9700 10700
Platform Capacity kg 125 125 125 125
Platform Size mm 600×550 600×550 600×550 600×550
Outrigger Size mm 1850×1500 1850×1500 1850×1500 1950×1600
Power AC V 220
Maintenance-free Battery V/Ah 80×2pcs
Battery Charger V/A 220/60
Lifting Motor AC V/kw 220/0.75
Overall Length mm 1050 1320 1320 1380
Overall Width mm 750 800 800 850
Overall Height mm 1650 1650 1980 1980
Overall Weight kg 185 260 300 326
Optional Configuration JK1054) Driving Gear
(JK1055) Extension Outreach
(JK1056) Dual Power
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